I Have Arrived In Sunny Dubai

I Have Arrived In Sunny Dubai

All Change.

It has been a whirl wind couple months since I landed.   Dubai is an exciting cosmopolitan and multicultural city a far cry from the familiarity of Brighton  

I have joined Dr Yaya Tosun to be a part of his international team of  Turkish, Greek, Australian, Filipino, Bulgarian and Indian.  I am enjoying learning about new cultures and language not to mention food.  My colleagues and I are sharing and blending thoughts, education and ideas to create a clinic that  feels very unique and  I am very happy to be here. 

I am excited to be working with Dr Tosun a very experienced Orthodontist, a subject I have very little knowledge. Dr Tosun has shown me what can be achieved with good Orthodontics which I only thought could be done using restorative procedures.   I am very lucky to have a shiny new surgery with state of the art equipment.  It has been learning curve learning on how dental industry works here and realising the difference in product availability and purchasing.  I am happy to say I was able to  introduce my colleagues to my favorite brands  TePe and Philips Sonicare and Zoom whilst accommodating new popular oral care products.

Mt first month was navigating through the unfamiliarity of a new place and people, I was given the opportunity to present to our staff to answer the question ‘What is a  Dental Hygienist?’   Dental Hygienists are thin on the ground here so clinicians can be unfamiliar with our work.

Like Dubai, are patients are multicultural which makes for an interesting day.  ‘Adaptation’ is the  key word  to accommodate the cultural and language differences of each. 

I am now a member Emirates Dental Hygiene Club who are very active within Dubai.

On a another note I have connected with TriDubai to resume training.  I hope to get my bicycle over for some desert rides, sea swimming is much more pleasurable here, for me no need for a wet suit…well not yet anyway!





So far so good ….I’m busy making new friends and  memories.  Come over the sky is blue and the water is fine ….watch this space …..